Automated Testing Service for JD Edwards | How to save Time Automated Testing Service for JD Edwards | How to save Time

Benefits of adopting an Automated Testing Service for JD Edwards projects

One of the tasks that take a significant amount of time when implementing or upgrading an ERP system is functional testing​. As an unintentional but common consequence, functional testing is not done enough, not repeatedly, not consistently and not standardized. This can eventually result in unexpected behavior in the software​.

But there is a solution that might save you a lot of time: Automated Testing.

Automated testing with DWS SwifTest software

The Cadran Consultancy CTRM team recently partnered with DWS to enable automated testing for Arantys using the DWS SwifTest software.

This allows the team to run tests automatically and document them. Very useful as testing became more rigorous within our tools release approach and client projects. The team started using DWS SwifTest during the development of Arantys Release 3.5 and the testing of this new release. Use cases that required testing are simultaneously created in DWS SwifTest as a unit- or integral test. That’s two birds with one stone.

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Up to now, a group of CTRM consultants already documented more than 200 unit test scripts for Arantys which can be executed repeatedly or consecutively (in an integral test). This significant investment allows us to have a better focus, release quicker and move forward.

What to expect from DWS SwifTest for JD Edwards?

Reduce Time and Effort

We all know it, and some might have experienced it; time is always a critical factor during intensive projects. The same applies to ERP implementation or upgrade projects. During such projects, testing is a task that can consume a significant amount of time. Time which is scarce. Therefore, it’s often the case that users and key users do not have enough time left to spend on testing the solution. Users are busy with the operation and key users spend their time on the implementation project, creating work instructions and optimizing daily operation processes.

Scheduling a test on specific moments

DWS SwifTest can help to reduce time that must be spent on testing the software. When all processes are defined as test script in DWS SwifTest, it’s nothing more than a push on the button to run the desired script. Or not even a push on the button; Queues (a sequence of unit tests, which can be seen as an integral test script) can also be Scheduled on a specific moment. For example during the night. Then they do not interfere with the daily operation. The next morning the results of the test can be found en analyzed using the DWS Hub. With scheduling, it is possible to do repeated integral testing to ensure environments remain functioning​. You can imagine that our Arantys developers gratefully use DWS Swiftest to test their new developments.

Running scripts repeatedly is easy

When you want to test your solution to the bone, it is important to run scripts repeatedly. They must run over and over again with multiple variables and all possible variants one can imagine. This is very time-consuming and this often does not fit within the project timeline. But, using DWS SwifTest, this becomes feasible again. Using the Repository Data store of the software, one can predefine variables which can be called by a test script, and also written to a repository data store from a test script. This allows for scalable testing without additional effort.

Testing becomes standardized

An additional benefit is that testing becomes standardized using DWS SwifTest. We see that during the testing phase, users are testing in their own way, which leads to different ways of testing with different levels of quality. Using predefined and agreed scripts guarantees quality and a similar view towards the software.

Training your people is important

Eventually, using DWS SwifTest enables users to focus on the results of the tests, rather than creating and executing them. Of course, one has to keep in mind that testing is a critical phase during which users and key users are getting familiar with JD Edwards. Getting the people trained must not be neglected.

Happy to help with defining test scripts

As mentioned, the scripts have to be defined in DWS SwifTest. This is an initial investment of time and effort, but it will pay out in the mid- and long term. When clients do want to work with DWS SwifTest, but do not have the time or knowledge to define the test scripts, the consultants of Cadran are happy to help of course.

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