Blogje BIg Data - BI en Big Data samen. Blogje BIg Data - BI en Big Data samen.

BIg Data

A typo in the title of this blog? No. A wordplay: A contraction of BI and Big Data.

We do not escape the buzzword, but we also do not escape the phenomenon.

Recently I heard on the radio about a supplier of digital weather stations. A device fun for home where information about the outside temperature, but also humidity and air pressure can be read. This device is connected to the servers of the supplier, so that software updates can easily be implemented. With a certain frequency, however, the data that the device measures is also passed on to the servers of the supplier. Meanwhile, so many Dutch have such a device in house, that the data is very big. Thanks to this large amount of measuring points, a very good and reliable picture can be made of weather movements throughout the country. The supplier now also sells abroad … Anyway, the question could be how long the KNMI will still exist …

The applications will become larger and larger. Big Data drips down to applications in Oracle BI and can become an added value for the organization for an environment where JD Edwards is the back office system.

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