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How to quickly implement a future-proof analytics platform for JD Edwards

In the challenging economic situation we are currently in as a result of COVID-19, insights from data have become more important than ever. Two examples of such insights are the cash flow and delivery times.

Cash flow management is vital

For many businesses, good cash flow management is vital in times like these. When multiple people are responsible for their own parts of the cash flow, they will need to know what invoices to act upon. Where it could be sufficient in normal times to have a cash flow update once every 2 weeks, in the current situation it may be required to have a daily update on the cash flow.

Managing customers’ expectations in means of delivery time

As a result of the measures taken by governments to slow down the spread of COVID-19, supply chain management has become a lot more challenging. This means that for certain products, delivery times to customers are longer and less predictable. At the same time, wishes from customers might also change due to their own changed circumstances. Having up-to-date information available about all deliveries is vital in managing customers’ expectations.

Quickly get your insights with Tableau for JD Edwards

With our Tableau for JD Edwards solution, insights like these can be made available in a very short timeframe. This is made possible by our JDE data model in Tableau Prep and standard dashboards in Tableau Server. We have developed the data model and dashboards for many JDE modules, like P&L, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Revenue, etc.

Therefore, if the COVID-19 situation made it clear that there is insufficient insight in one or more parts of your business, we have the solution readily available. In case the JDE data has to be complemented with data from other systems, that won’t be a problem as Tableau can connect to virtually any data source and Tableau Prep makes data modelling easy!

A future-proof solution which includes advanced analytics

In addition to continuous insight from your (JD Edwards) data, Tableau for JD Edwards enables you to benefit from advanced analytics techniques like machine learning. This is achieved by integrating R or Python code in Tableau; the flexibility of these programming languages allows for any kind of analytics you might ever need. Therefore, by combining a leading Analytics platform (Tableau) with flexible programming languages (R and Python) and our knowledge on JD Edwards and advanced analytics, we can implement an Analytics platform which brings a lot of value today and is also future-proof!

Please reach out to us in case you’re interested in a Proof of Concept of Tableau for JD Edwards.



Author: Jelle Huisman
Founder and Data Scientist at Cadran Analytics