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Insight into cash flow crucial during times of crisis

Various companies struggle with their steady stream of income during these times of crisis. Everyone is affected to a greater or lesser extent. COVID-19 is likely to claim more victims in bankruptcies than in the medical sense. Insights in the cash flow is therefore crucial. Colleague Rick Brobbel – Senior Bi Consultant at Cadran Analytics – wrote a blog about it.

Why you should invest in business automation now

In the blog he explains why you should not sit still in a time like this. He quotes articles for inspiration. For example to “invest anti-cyclically” in automating your business processes. Although business automation is often seen as a luxury, data – and its analysis – is the new gold nowadays. Other reasons for acting now are the importance of accurate and timely information. Conversations no longer take place at the coffee machine or on the corridors. He also indicates that you can make use of the fact that you now have to work at home. This does entail an efficient time saving. Rick also shares a dashboard (with fictitious data) that Cadran has developed to gain a good insight into your current cash flow position.

Take advantage of it and get inspired, because by investing right now you can make a difference in the short term.

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