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Looking back and looking at the future

Looking back at 2020

The year 2020 has become a special year. Until mid-March, the economy was in full swing and Covid seemed far away and something that was a Chinese problem. Nothing could be further from the truth when Europe was hit hard after the winter sports and carnival. Months of working from home, many hospitalizations, companies partially – or even completely -closed and a lot of uncertainty were suddenly part of our everyday lives. During the relatively quiet summer, the number of infections decreased and the economy picked up again. By now, the cautiously positive mood has once again been reversed by the sharp increase in infections and after the news of Monday, December 14, it is clear that we will be working at home again for weeks on end.

Looking forward to 2021

Various economists expect that this lock-down and the start-up of vaccination will enable the economy to recover quickly. In order to be well-prepared for this recovery, the following initiatives can contribute to a better management with more insights:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Operational Excellence
  • Data Driven Enterprise

Digital Transformation

In the field of Digital transformation, we see that more and more customers are moving their infrastructure from On-Premise to the Cloud, making applications available on mobile devices and developing Internet of Things initiatives.

Supply Chain Integration

Integration with suppliers and customers is becoming more and more automated via webshops, e-commerce platforms and links with 3rd party logistics companies. Speed and quality of deliveries is essential.

Operational Excellence

We also see that our customers are looking more explicitly for ways to make their business operations even better and more efficient. The plans vary from improving user convenience (improvement of the user interface, watchlists, workflows, etc.), implementation of invoice scanning and recognition, acceleration of the monthly closing, optimization of the supply chain planning and, for example, the implementation of WMS and scanning solutions.

Data Driven Enterprise

Finally, we see that the (further) implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics also offers a lot of added value. By unlocking data from applications and internal- and external data sources, a lot of insight can be given into bottlenecks and areas for improvement in your organization.

More information or sparring?

There are many possibilities to optimize your business processes step by step. Our specialists will be happy to discuss this with you in order to share our knowledge and experiences and determine together what will help your business move forward.

To conclude

Despite the current status with regards to Covid, we think that 2021 offers us all great opportunities again, so that we can quickly forget about 2020. We wish all our customers, our suppliers and partners a very prosperous 2021, a very merry Christmas and hope to see and speak to you physically again soon.

ed pieters

Author: Ed Pieters
CEO at Cadran Consultancy