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On the road to the new reality

Now that the Corona storm is slowly starting to weaken, economic activity is picking up again. Step by step, more is possible: borders are opening up, companies are carefully investing again, goods from Asia and other parts of the world are coming back in, we can casually go to a terrace, and we can work in the office again. At 1.5 meters, because that is the new NOW. These are of course very positive developments, but we also have to realize that it may take a long time before everything is back to normal, because there is no vaccine yet.

The learnings of the past months

The fact that this situation in regard to Corona can still take quite a long time has an impact for the time being on how Cadran consultants can carry out their work for our clients. In the past three months we have carried out almost all of our work for our clients remotely. This also applied to a large extent to the teams of our clients with whom we work. Together we have learned that we:

  • Have to plan even better,
  • Need to communicate more frequently,
  • Need to document carefully,
  • Need to ask for more feedback and do evaluations.

Working remotely: more time for you as a customer

We have also experienced that less travel and no longer having to connect to traffic jams is quite pleasant and that we can spend that time more usefully. To our customers and in private matters. We have also built up the trust with our clients that working remotely can work perfectly. Even in the Go Live situations, the cooperation has been excellent, and they went well.

The new reality

In our view, the new reality will be a good mix of working partly remotely and partly on-site for both our customers’ and Cadran employees. It would be nice if we could use the good experiences of the past period to optimally support our customers in projects and support activities. In so-called distributed teams or remote, but at least together. After all, it’s the result that counts and not where you are.

More information or sparring?

Do you have any questions about this? Or would you like to spar with our consultants about what we can do for you? We are ready for it. Physically at our office in Hoevelaken or virtually in our Microsoft Teams environment.

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ed pieters

Author: Ed Pieters
CEO at Cadran Consultancy