The Minimum Viable Product method | Immediate insight in data The Minimum Viable Product method | Immediate insight in data

Quick insights into your most important data via a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach

Implementing a BI & Analytics platform like Tableau Software is often seen as a time-consuming task. But many customers don’t know that you can offer enormous added value even with a minimal investment in time and money. This is called the Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Colleague Rick Brobbel – Senior BI Consultant at Cadran Analytics wrote a blog about it: “Implementing Tableau using the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) approach“.

Immediate added value within a few weeks

In the blog, he explains that by using a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, the implementation project is completed within a few weeks. By this he means a rapid implementation of the software and the rapid production of a few dashboards that provide immediate added value. After this, you will have access to the most important insights from your data!

From short iterations increasing content and complexity

From short iterations we add more and more content and complexity. After each implementation you have access to new functionalities. This not only makes the adoption of the solution low-threshold, the implementation is immediately visible to everyone.

You can read exactly how this process works and which steps you have to go through in the our blog.