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Top 5 signs your business is ready for an ERP system

Unfortunately, there is no one specific indicator that tells you that you “need an ERP system now”. In fact, every company is unique. Companies that can benefit most from ERP software often face multiple known problems and frustrations. These include slow financial processing, sales forecasts based on sloppy assumptions, inventory out of order and declining customer satisfaction.

1. You have a lot of different software for all kinds of processes.

Do all of your departments, like accounting, sales and in the warehouse, work with different applications? Companies and departments that use a lot of different software have to exchange information with each other using all kinds of detours. Inefficient, and also often very frustrating. ERP software integrates these processes so that each business unit can rely on one common database.

What are your sales margins? How many orders do you get per day on average? What is sales to date and what is net profit? With companies that rely on different data systems and spreadsheets that need constant manual updating and reconciliation, it takes forever to get that information. ERP gives you more insight into real-time data, so you can make decisions faster. Plus, you can share data and reports with each other very easily.

3. Accounting is slow and enormously complex.

Often the first signs that your business needs ERP software come from your accounting department. Paper invoices and sales orders, repetitive processes and manual data entry. And when it takes endless hours to gather financial data from various systems and spreadsheets, an ERP solution can make a huge difference.

4. Both your sales and customer satisfaction are declining.

When sales, inventory and customer data are stored and managed in separate ways, sooner or later it leads to serious problems within your company. Imagine if a customer calls with a question about an order, and your staff cannot immediately check whether a product has been shipped or is even available, this directly affects your customer satisfaction. ERP software provides a central platform where sales, inventory and customer data can be stored and managed. This allows your staff to quickly retrieve information and help customers faster.

5. Your IT is too complicated and time-consuming.

Customizing and integrating many different systems is very time-consuming. In addition, your IT is very complex because it needs to be constantly maintained with patches and upgrades. Resources that you would rather use for other projects. Instead of adding more software and further complicating an inefficient system, ERP provides the flexibility you need to quickly respond to changing needs within your business.

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Ready for an ERP-systeem?

It is important to choose an ERP system that fits your organization. NetSuite is a proven ERP system that grows with your business. Are you curious about how it works? If so, I would be happy to schedule a demo with you.