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Reference Case: Bravilor Bonamat implements JD Edwards ERP


Bravilor Bonamat enhances production processes with wireless scanning system

“Bravilor Bonamat has highly complex production and stock management processes. With Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, we have automated the stock management process and now store stock-related information in a database. We use the resulting statistical information to better control the supply chain and improve efficiency.” – Jeroen Kok, IT Manager, Bravilor Bonamat

Bravilor Bonamat a Dutch family business established 61 years ago, develops, produces, and sells beverage preparation systems, focusing on equipment for hot drinks such as tea and coffee. The company began to face growing challenges around managing the quality and efficiency of its production processes.

As an Independent Hardware Vendor Bravilor experienced a significant increase in new product lines and customer quality requirements became more formal and strict. Also stock levels were too high and the existing information systems were no longer able to provide the business with adequate information and support. Bravilor’s stock information, including product type, quantity, and location, must be accurate and up to date. It had managed this process manually, which resulted in stock deviations and significant administrative burden. To better control its supply chain and improve operational efficiency, Bravilor required a user-friendly, flexible, and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. After a one-year selection process, Bravilor choose Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications for process automation, scanning, and data collection. As the system implementor, Cadran, an Oracle Partner, was selected.By deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Bravilor has gained new levels of flexibility and efficiency in its production and stock management processes.

“We have automated our stock management processes with JD Edwards applications so that we no longer have to update the stock by hand. We now scan stock and store stock-related information in a database. Our data is more accurate, and we can access it more quickly.
We also can more readily identify ‘slow movers’ and ‘fast movers’, improving our ability to manage our stock and our other resources,” said Jeroen Kok, IT manager, Bravilor Bonamat. “When a component is finished, the system provides a completion report that will be transmitted from the production lines to each workstation. This way the customer can be informed exactly on the delivery date and additionally the shipping company is able to schedule very efficiently. Because the system runs platform independently, it can be placed on each server. The resulting savings are substantial”. The web-based solution enables access to JD Edwards by the sales offices, agents, sales and service representatives all over Europe from any web browser. We, therefore, can deploy staff more efficiently and gain a better grip on the supply chain. ”


The JD Edward’s integrated barcode scanning system supports the receiving of goods, the quality registration of goods and provides seamless connection to the work floor. In addition, full serial number traceability is possible. Accurate, real-time and detailed business and information management are thus always available.

Why Oracle

Bravilor selected JD Edwards EnterpriseOne because of its flexibility and platform independence as well as its integrated approach to business applications, according to Kok. “Oracle also has the know-how, quality, and experience in the field of automated data selection solutions for industrial companies like ours,” Kok said.

Why Cadran

We got a good feeling about Cadran, the Oracle partner, straight away . Cadran is familiar with our industry and has proven knowledge of JD Edwards technology and functionality. Bravilor visited other Cadran customers on site for ex­tensive reference checks. The Cadran consult­ants had a Job-interview before they were added to the imple­mentation team. It is also good for collaboration purposes that the consultants are close at hand for us here.”

Implementation process

One of the biggest challenges of the implementation was getting employees, many of whom have been with the company for many years, to adapt to new business processes. For the implementation process, a team of key employees was formed. They were asked to contribute to the analysis, configuration and extensive testing. By changing and fully automating work processes the roles of employees changed. A ‘big bang’ implementation approach was used. It was an advantage that Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is similar in use as the company’s legacy system which helped employees to learn it quickly.

Bravilor is now rolling out the system to its offices across Europe. “It is a complex project, but our excellent collaboration with Cadran and success with our initial roll out give us confidence that our experience will continue to be a positive one,” Kok said.

Key Benefits

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in managing production and stock processes
  • Flexible consultation due to wide availability of information through the Web
  • Gained greater visibility into production and stock, enabling more informed business decisions
  • Number of employees decreased
  • Sales and profits increased

“We now scan stock and store stock-related information in a database. Our data is more accurate, and we can access it more quickly. We also can more readily identify ‘slow movers’ and ‘fast movers’, improving our ability to manage our stock and our other resources.” – Jeroen Kok, IT Manager Bravilor Bonamat

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