Webinar: Global JD Edwards Rollout strategies

Date and time

August 1st, 2019

14:00 - 14:45

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Webinar: Global JD Edwards Rollout strategies

The secret of success is to be ready!

To guarantee growth, many companies are having to expand internationally. Companies are setting up or acquiring businesses in countries where they may not speak the language, or be familiar with local rules, laws, and idiosyncrasies. Besides the commercial and cultural challenges, they also need to overcome numerous obstacles in their IT arrangements, with ERP being a key concern.

This August 1st, join our expert rollout team for insights into the top strategies behind successful global JD Edwards rollouts.

Webinar JD Edwards Global Rollouts

You will learn:

  • What is a Global ERP System
  • How to create global JD Edwards implementation strategies
  • How to be and stay compliant in European countries
  • Who to partner with for foreign rollouts This free webcast is for Enterprise

Leaders who are:

  • Planning or executing international rollout strategies
  • Struggling with local regulatory and tax compliance
  • Balancing demands between corporate must-haves and local nice-to-haves
  • Facing multicultural differences and languages
  • Lacking sufficient JD Edwards localization knowledge to comply with specific requirements

We’ll show you how to succeed, ready to join us?

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