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ERP for Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading software for trade, logistics, finance & treasury activities.

ERP for Commodity Trading

Oracle JD Edwards is the ERP solution for Commodity Traders. JD Edwards offers a complete integration between your ERP and CTRM processes: from trade and logistics to finance and sales. All your departments work in the same software environment. With Oracle JD Edwards you can choose from two different packages. Discover which ERP solution suits your business best.


JD Edwards Commodity Trading & Risk Management
JD Edwards Commodity Trading & Risk Management is a complete ERP solution for Commodity Traders. With Oracle JD Edwards you can automate the entire commodity trading process from ‘contract to cash’ within your own ERP system. You have every CTRM functionality at your disposal, which enables you to manage your processes much better and risks remain much more manageable. Every department works in the same system. This gives you real-time insight into the entire process, you can serve your customers even better, you can make adjustments in time and work more efficiently by using workflows.


JD Edwards Procure & Hedge
Hedge your purchase contracts, automate settlements and execute mark-to-market with JD Edwards Procure & Hedge. The module has been developed for Commodity Traders who already work with JD Edwards ERP. Enter all your contracts directly into JD Edwards and save time creating the right purchase order, while maintaining real-time visibility into your exposure and position. JD Edwards Procure & Hedge supports Physical, Futures, Options and Foreign exchange contracts, making it easy to hedge your positions.

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Integrated ERP & CTRM

Our integrated ERP and CTRM software offers support for all the business processes of the different departments of your company: Trading, Logistics & Finance. As soon as an employee enters a transaction in the system, it is immediately visible to everyone else. Employees of these departments can jointly look at the real-time positions. These positions form the heart of your integrated ERP software.


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