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ERP software for Food Industry

Food manufacturers have the most complex production environment in the world.

ERP software for Food Industry

Food manufacturers are part of a complex supply chain and production environment, in which they have to adapt to constant changes in the quality of supply and fluctuations in commodity prices. Other challenges they face include highly complex laws and regulations, high production standards, storage issues, and Tracking & Tracing. In addition, they must be compliant with general food laws and satisfy industry standards such as HACCP and EAN128, and are required to minimize food safety risks.  Food manufacturers and suppliers of Consumer Packaged Goods also deal with low margins and strict supplier performance requirements. Due to fast-changing trends and consumer behavior, they are compelled to develop new products and launch them in the market on time. In order to properly support the complexity of business processes, an effective ERP system is a requirement.

Because of this, food manufacturers often use Oracle ERP software. Cadran Consultancy has over 20 years of experience with Oracle NetSuite ERP and Oracle JD Edwards ERP implementations with companies in the food industry.


  • Financial Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Order Management and Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Planning & Execution
  • Production, Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance Management & Quality Control
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Logistics and Transport Management
  • Aftermarket Sales & Service
  • Grower Management, Blend Management & Pricing

Oracle ERP solutions:

  • Multi-Site, Multi-Country, and Multi-Language
  • Fully Integrated ERP System
  • Mix-Mode Manufacturing
  • Compliant with International Laws
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Standard EDI Integration
  • Low-Cost, Easy-to-Implement Solution
  • User-Friendly Web Application
  • Flexible and Expandable

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Oracle JD Edwards ERP

Oracle JD Edwards provides a comprehensive, integrated ERP solution for companies operating in the Food and Beverage Industry. The wide range of modules available support the complexity of these companies’ business processes.  Oracle JD Edwards is used by more than 2000 companies in the Food Industry worldwide, including both domestic and multinational manufacturers.  The software is fully web-based and is available both as an On-Premise solution and a Cloud solution. You have the option to use the Oracle IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform.

  • Wide-Ranging Functionality: More than 80 Modules
  • Multi-Site, Multi-Country, and Multi-Language
  • Compliant with general food laws and other Standards
  • HACCP and EAN128 industry standards
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Platform
  • Mix-Mode Manufacturing
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Grower Management, Pricing & Payments
  • Environmental Accounting, Health & Safety Incident Management
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