Cadran celebrates 25 years of growth and collaboration! - Cadran Consultancy Cadran celebrates 25 years of growth and collaboration! - Cadran Consultancy

Cadran celebrates 25 years of growth and collaboration!

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This year Cadran is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Cadran was founded in 1998 by six consultants with one clear, shared vision: to better support clients in implementing and managing their ERP software. While that vision has always remained the same, much has changed since then. In 1998, we worked with only six consultants for four clients from a farmhouse in Bunschoten, the Netherlands. Now, 25 years later, our company has grown to a team of 70 colleagues with whom we serve over 100 customers each year. In addition, we are enormously proud that Bart Dix joined as a shareholder last year. And while Jan Wester and Henny Berends, our founders, have retired as shareholders, they are still enthusiastically involved with Cadran.

Cadran’s success stems from four key pillars:

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Cadran’s future

There is going to be a lot on your mind in the coming years. Almost every business is facing inflation, supply chain issues and the impact of climate change. That is why it is more important than ever to improve business processes, find innovative solutions and implement change.

Our team will regularly engage with you about these topics in the coming years. We will discuss your strategic initiatives and help you realize them using ERP.

For our Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle NetSuite and Tableau customers, there are several options. Below we provide some examples.

Oracle JD Edwards: Automate, Optimize, Transform

Oracle JD Edwards offers numerous opportunities for automation, optimization and transformation that can help your company increase efficiency and productivity and improve the user experience.

  • Automate repetitive processes by implementing the JD Edwards Orchestrator, Workflow studio or an IoT integration
  • Improve the ‘User Experience’ by applying E1 Pages, Composite Pages, CaféOne or watchlists.
  • Replace complex screens with ‘Simplified Views’ developed by the Cadran UX Design team.
  • Optimize JD Edwards using Oracle Fusion SaaS applications such as Supply Chain Planning, Demand Management and Planning & Budgetting.
  • Discover the benefits of our Cloud9 solution and migrate to a modern Oracle IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) environment.

In addition to all the functional capabilities, we also take care of our JD Edwards customers with Managed Services & Support. Our support department is available 24/7 for questions or urgent issues. For customers without their own IT department, we also offer the option of transferring the management and responsibility of the JD Edwards infrastructure to us.

Oracle Netsuite: Grow, Expand and Support

Netsuite is a versatile platform for business growth and expansion. Twice a year NetSuite releases a new version with improvements and new features. Our consultants monitor these developments closely so that we can properly advise our customers. There are lots of ways you can get even more out of your NetSuite investment:

  • Optimize your system by considering additional modules, for example, the CRM, HRM, or SuiteCommerceAdvance module.
  • Integrate third-party software and apps, as well as weighbridges and MES systems with your NetSuite environment through Celigo.
  • Do you have a service department? Then integrate your inside and outside service with NextService. Cadran became a NextService distributor in 2022.
  • Link your shipments to the right carrier using the Transsmart platform (nShift) that we have integrated with Netsuite.

In addition to the functional improvements, we also launched a Netsuite support department in 2022 so that we can optimally support our customers in daily use of Netsuite. This additional form of unburdening helps our customers focus on their core business.

Tableau Analytics: Data Driven Organisations

Since its inception in 2018, our Analytics team has experienced fantastic growth. More and more clients and potential clients are convinced of the value of data-driven decision making. Our smart dashboards and reports, combined with techniques such as Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Static Analytics and Data Visualization, unlock a valuable wealth of information from data stored in JD Edwards, Netsuite, other ERP solutions and third-party solutions. This allows us to perform What-If analyses, estimate future scenarios and ultimately optimize business operations. Using these insights, we provide our clients with a significant competitive edge!

2023 and beyond

We started this year full of energy. With several go-lives in January, we put our mission statement ‘We build solid ERP & Analytics solutions that drive your digital future‘ into practice. From our core value Progress, we continue to strive for constant improvement of our services. Consequently, our team has already planned dozens of knowledge sessions this year in order to keep providing you with innovative solutions, excellent consultancy and reliable support.

It has been an incredible journey so far! 25 years of working with our customers and business partners, and still as enthusiastic as on day one. We are grateful for the trust of our customers. Our employees are our heroes and have helped us make Cadran such a successful company. We are ready for the next 25 years!

Best regards,

Ed Pieters and Bart Dix
Managing partners at Cadran Consultancy