Oracle JD Edwards Investments - 2017 a year in review Oracle JD Edwards Investments - 2017 a year in review
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Oracle JD Edwards Investments – 2017 a year in review

2017 has been a great year for the JD Edwards ERP product. Are you aware of the many new support and product announcements that were made in 2017? Let’s get everyone up-to-date.

Longer Support Timelines for EnterpriseOne and World

We announced longer support timelines, to at least 2028 for EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 and at least 2025 for World Release A94. We are committed to frequent product enhancements that provide measurable business value for your organizations.

Continuous Value Delivered in 2017

We have delivered four EnterpriseOne 9.2 Application feature pack enhancement releases, one Applications Update (9.2 Update 2), ten 9.2 tools maintenance packs, one Tools Update (9.2 Update 2), new One-Click Provisioning to automate the deployment of JD Edwards within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and updates to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Trial Edition. We also provided numerous platform certifications and localizations over the past twelve months using the continuous delivery model. And we released World A94 Global Software Update 1 as well as World platform, localization, and language translation updates.

Investment and Innovation Focused

Our investment and innovation is focused around four key initiatives:

1. ERP Modernization – We continue to enhance and build on our deep Industry solutions and leverage digital technologies to simplify and automate ERP processes. Our modern ERP solutions scale and adjust for business outcomes, support product and process innovation, and leverage digital technologies with rapid time to benefit. ERP modernization examples include:

  1. Manufacturing Production Execution Process Simplification
  2. Basket Pricing for Procurement
  3. Lease Management (Phase 1)
  4. Joint Venture Management (Phase 1)

2. UX Innovation – We delivered real time role based business alerts, a dynamic visual representation of business data, and personalized application UI for a modern and intuitive user experience. We are aligning JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications to how your users work. Some examples of UX innovation include:

  • 50 UX One role based landing pages
  • UX One application form personalization
  • List View grid format
  • EnterpriseOne Search

3. Digital Transformation – This is a shift from traditional modes of operation with manual steps and paper, to real time connected enterprises and value chains with the goal to create new business models, and deliver new customer outcomes that can create competitive advantage. Recent examples of digital transformation capabilities include:

  • Mobile applications with Watchlists and location services
  • Orchestrator expanded REST based extensibility to more easily connect to the digital world of IOT, Mobile, Cloud and Service Request capability to connect application processes
  • Orchestrator notifications to proactively push alerts within or outside JD Edwards

Integration to Document Management and Social Conversations through Oracle Content and Experience Management Cloud Service

4. Operational Simplification – Our continued focus on Total Cost of Ownership helps your organization streamline and automate, reducing time, cost and risk. We are delivering tools that are intuitive and that fit your IT environment and methods. Our automated processes reduce the time it takes to perform a wide range of functions, from provisioning, to applying software updates, to providing ongoing management. Examples of recent enhancements for simplifying your operations include:

  • Server Manager health checks
  • REST enabled services for Server Manager
  • Object Tracking and enhanced Impact Analysis
  • Enhanced One-Click provisioning and Trial Edition for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Your Journey

We’re innovating with a focus on creating customer outcomes that align with your business goals. Digital Transformation is forcing change upon your organization, and ours, which creates an opportunity for innovation. Our innovation creates a platform for your business to remain competitive. We recommend three phases to help enable your digital journey.

  • 9.2 Upgrade – Your future and our innovation aligns on the EnterpriseOne 9.2 code line. This release is the culmination of all development by JD Edwards for the last decade. With this release, we’re setting our customers up for success. But you have to get to 9.2.

In the past year, we have delivered many high value EnterpriseOne features that have been across multiple industries. Visit LearnJDE for access to the Product Catalog to view all these new features and compare what is available now to the release you are currently running.

  • Continuous Delivery and Adoption – Your business is demanding delivery of new solutions and innovation in much shorter cycle times. Now is the time to shift away from big bang upgrades that occur once every several years. Innovative new features and solutions are being delivered throughout the year, when you need them. We call this continuous delivery.

Obtaining continuous innovation and continuous value is a balanced equation. JD Edwards is providing new innovation in the marketplace through continuous delivery—you, our customers, can be deriving continuous value from all this innovation through continuous adoption. Our strategy requires a parallel customer strategy. Like a two sided coin. JD Edwards is delivering new innovation and our customers (and their partners) should evaluate and adopt this business value in a more frequent timeframe.

  • Cloud Journey – Your organization should consider practical cloud journeys that leverage one or all layers of Oracle Cloud. IaaS to optimize, PaaS to extend, and SaaS to complement. Cloud creates agility in your business, removing friction associated with traditional IT approaches. Cloud solutions will complement your existing systems, providing agility to rapidly respond to evolving business conditions or to capture market opportunities.

The combination of JD Edwards as your ERP platform plus the right cloud solutions for your business can help transform your organization into a digital business.

A Year of Transformative Solutions and a Bright Future

What a year! We have significantly enhanced the Lifetime Support Policy for EnterpriseOne 9.2 and World A9.4 releases. We’ve rapidly responded to the needs of your businesses, delivering Application and Tools enhancements and updates in a continuous and cost effective manner. We are creating customer cloud journeys that transform your businesses while protecting your investments in JD Edwards. And we’ve delivered digital technologies that will evolve your business into digital enterprises. We encourage you to embrace the business value delivered this year and look forward to an exciting 2018.

By: Ward Quarles | Senior Director