Oracle Synopsis - Mobile BI for anyone Oracle Synopsis - Mobile BI for anyone

Oracle Synopsis – mobile for anyone

Not yet ready for a full blown, company wide implementation of Oracle BI?
Still in need for quick insights and analyses on mobile devices?
Recently launched Oracle Synopsis can be your quick win.


Oracle Synopsis is a tool for analyzing data files, such Excel and CSV, in a very simple and easy to use mobile app.


No. This tool is freeware, which for now is available only for Android-devices, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The IOS-edition is expected soon.


No. The app gets installed on any mobile Android device and needs no server or connection. One does not need to be a developer or a specialist with special skills, because of the very intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Yes. Although a more thorough Business Intelligence solution will try to ban Excel from the organization, we all are aware of the existence of data sheets in the organization, stored in Excels. This can apply to both internal and external data. The Excel- or CSV-file is imported and the tool creates a project, with a lot of resemblance with the Data Visualization feature of Oracle BI 12c. Conclusions and correlations are directly visible.


All your sensitive company data on a mobile device, that someone can accidentally leave in a train, is far from ideal. The built-in finger-print-identification secures the data and the application.

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