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Rejuvenation of Cadran management

After more than 23 years, Jan Wester and Henny Berends take a step back as shareholders of Cadran Consultancy. A special moment because they were with Cadran since the very start in 1998. Fortunately, Jan and Henny will remain connected to Cadran in their current roles, which assures continuity for our customers.

Bart Dix has joined as a new shareholder and will form the board of Cadran together with Ed Pieters. Bart has a background at Redfaire International where he guided the company as Managing Director in recent years after various positions.

We would like to thank Jan and Henny for their great efforts which made Cadran a beautiful and healthy company, and we look forward to the future.

From left to right: Henny Berends, Ed Pieters, Bart Dix and Jan Wester

About Cadran
Cadran Consultancy specializes in implementing, providing support and hosting ERP systems for wholesale, manufacturing, and commodity trading companies. With our 60 functional and technical consultants we serve over 100 customers in the Benelux.

Additionally, Cadran is co-founder of Redfaire International, a joint venture of 11 international Oracle ERP consultancy organizations with a total of more than 650 ERP consultants.