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ERP for Commodity Trading & Risk Management

Commodity Management solution that is fully integrated with Oracle JD Edwards ERP.

ERP for Commodity Trading & Risk Management

Arantys is a cloud ERP solution developed specifically for Commodity Traders. Arantys offers functionality to manage the end-to-end commodity trading processes from contract to cash. The CTRM integrated ERP solution enables you to control your processes and manage risks. All departments work together in one system from trade to logistics and finance, to enter, plan, analyze, control and report. Because the CTRM solution provides one version of the truth it will help to make decisions, save time, provide more effective work flows, efficient processes and mitigate risks.
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  • Real-time position insight
  • Risk Management
  • Logistic planning
  • Allocation and execution
  • Hedging functionality
  • Future and Forex settlement
  • Mark-to-Market
  • Analytics & Reporting capabilities
  • Document handling
  • Traffic orders, Shipping advice, weight reports,
  • Sample and Quality management
  • Transportation management
  • Borrowing Base reporting


  • Fully integrated with Oracle JD Edwards ERP
  • Real-time
  • One version of the truth
  • Workflow management
  • Fully Cloud deployed
  • Risk management by using one system
  • End-to-end: from contract to cash
  • All departments work with one system
  • Integrated reporting & analytics
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Integrated ERP & CTRM

Arantys is an ERP and CTRM systems that fully integrates the business processes of the various departments in your organization: Trading, Logistics and Finance. When a colleague enters a transaction in Arantys, it is visible for all other users. Everyone looks real-time at the positions. These positions form the heart of Arantys.

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