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JD Edwards Procure & Hedge

Hedge your purchasing contracts. Automate settlements. Run mark-to-market.

About JD Edwards Procure & Hedge

Execute trading processes in your JD Edwards ERP environment with the JD Edwards Procure & Hedge module. Enter all your quotation contracts straight into JD Edwards and save time creating the right purchase order, while maintaining a real time insight in your exposure and position. JD Edwards Procure & Hedge supports Physical, Futures, Options and Foreign exchange contracts, which allows you to easily hedge your positions to make sure your exposure is covered.

JD Edwards Procure & Hedge also provides automatic settlement of Futures and Options and the generation of purchase orders. This allows you to save a significant amount of time in the process. With the Procure & Hedge module you can valuate your position to the current market with the press of a button! Also, the module supports multiple Greeks calculations, such as delta, theta and others.


  • Realtime insight in¬†position
  • Hedging¬†
  • Futures and Options¬†settlement
  • Create purchase¬†orders from¬†Physical and Quotation contracts¬†
  • Borrowing base reporting¬†
  • Mark-to-Market¬†



  • All your transactions, hedging and automated settlements in one software environment.
  • Direct insight in your position and exposure¬†so you can make decisions¬†based on all the available information.¬†
  • Built with the commodity trader in mind:¬†use your¬†already existing¬†process flow to¬†perform the needed actions.¬†¬†
  • Fully integrated with JD Edwards: work seamlessly together with the standard JD Edwards¬†purchase order processing.¬†¬†
  • Works with standard JD Edwards concepts like Watchlists¬†and¬†with a¬†data model¬†for OBIEE and Tableau ready made for reporting purposes.¬†¬†
  • Quick and non-intrusive implementation: implemented with minimum impact on existing JD Edwards configuration.¬†


Bart Dix

Bart Dix

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More about JD Edwards Procure & Hedge

Realtime insight in position

The starting point for you as a trader is your position. With JD Edwards Procure & Hedge you have insight in your Physical contracts, quotation contracts and inventory in quantities as well as values. This is where all the information comes together to make the right decisions.  

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