Oracle Netsuite ERP | A Complete Cloud-based ERP solution Oracle Netsuite ERP | A Complete Cloud-based ERP solution

Oracle NetSuite

A complete cloud-based ERP solution that integrates Finance, Logistics, CRM, e-Commerce, Manufacturing and Reporting & Analytics.

Oracle NetSuite

Successfully executing your enterprise cloud ERP strategy means turning to the world’s most proven, trusted and deployed cloud ERP solution— NetSuite. With more than 22,000 organizations and subsidiaries running NetSuite across more than 160 countries, some of the world’s best-known brands trust their businesses to NetSuite and take their financial and operational processes to the cloud.

Why NetSuite?

  • A broad range of robust ERP and global financial functionality designed for modern businesses, enabling customers to streamline their mission-critical business processes.
  • Designed for a modern company: Cloud-based, mobile-enabled and social, NetSuite frees the modern business from antiquated PC-based, anti-social systems locked behind the firewall. At its core, NetSuite provides a dynamic, easy-to-use platform designed for all users across a global organization that can be accessed via any device, at any time.
  • A highly scalable system for growth with the ability to quickly and easily add functionality as a business grows and international capabilities including support for 190 currencies, 20 languages and automated tax compliance in over 100 countries to fuel global expansion.
  • Built-in business intelligence that delivers a single-version of the truth and provides real-time insights into key business performance indicators for a unified view of the organization.
  • Commerce-ready capabilities for B2B and B2C businesses that provide a seamless brand experience by unifying ecommerce and in-store POS to order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials and customer service.
  • A powerful development platform with unprecedented flexibility that enables businesses to tailor the system to meet their unique requirements and industry-specific needs plus a comprehensive partner ecosystem that can help them scale up, spin off or reinvent business models.
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Our Oracle NetSuite solutions

A modern, scalable solution to run all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud.

For modern production companies that need an ERP solution that facilitates technology such as Internet of Things and Data Analytics.

One cloud solution for B2Cand B2B e-commerce that seamlessly integrates with inventory management, fulfillment and finance.

A seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle.

Rapidly create unique and compelling mobile, web, and in-store experiences to differentiate your brand and exceed customer expectations.

BI & Analytics within NetSuite software and also possibilities to combine with data from other sources.

Discover Apps that extend the power of NetSuite.

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