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NetSuite for Wholesalers

One solution for customer-facing sales force automation and B2B e-commerce that links seamlessly with back-office inventory management, fulfilment and accounting.

About NetSuite ERP for Wholesalers

Customers today set high demands on the systems where their wholesalers work. Like the B2C customer, the B2B customer is always online and needs to request real-time product information or to place orders, often through self-service solutions. With thousands of successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of wholesale distribution businesses across all sectors and the many challenges they face. As the pace of change in business accelerates—especially for those still relying on aged, on-premise ERP systems, wholesale distributors are struggling to keep up. As they strive to improve business performance and increase customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive environment, their challenges are:

  • Metrics based on reliable data
  • Effective inventory utilization
  • Expanding into multiple channels
  • Efficient order processes and inaccuracies
  • Order orchestration and inventory visibility issues
  • Automate manual processes as much as possible

NetSuite gives your company customer-facing sales force automation and B2B e-commerce, as well as marketing and customer service capabilities that link seamlessly with back-office inventory management, fulfilment and accounting. In delivering NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors, NetSuite has leveraged experience and lessons learned from thousands of wholesale distribution customers, complemented with a best practice professional services implementation methodology and customization services.

  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Ordermanagement
  • EDI
  • Container management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Scanning
  • Stock optimazation
  • Assortment Management \ Product Properties
  • Collect, pack and ditribution
  • Returns
  • Customer support
  • Fully integrated e commerce
  • Integration with marketplaces like E-bay, Amazon
  • Financial management


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