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Next Service for NetSuite

Manage all your business in the cloud and become more efficient, more responsive and more competitive.

One System for Mobile Field Service

Next Service is a field service management suiteapp that lets you manage every aspect of your service operations. From job scheduling and customer information to inventory management and billing. With one flexible mobile application within NetSuite, you can do it all and get excellent results. The key benefits of Next Service for your business are:

  • Fewer errors: no paperwork and retyping of data.
  • Increase in efficiency.
  • Better information: access jobs and history anywhere with the Mobile App.
  • Invoice completed jobs instantly.
  • Better communication and customer experience.
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Flexible mobile app

Next Service provides a mobile app with scheduling and shipping functionality, customer asset tracking, warranty and service contract management and more. The app also provides support for billing settings in NetSuite and expanded options for inventory management and billing.

All Field Service activities in one solution:

  • One system for work orders, scheduling, inventory and billing.
  • Mobile access from outside
  • 360-degree visibility into all tasks and customer-specific assets
  • Work order tracking
  • Real-time visibility into scheduling and dispatch
  • Automation of planning and preventive maintenance processes
  • Integrated barcode scanner for processing and updating inventory
  • Stock tracking
  • Apply NetSuite settings for billing
  • No integration required, reducing implementation risks and support costs

Native Built for NetSuite SuiteApp

Next Service is a Native Built for NetSuite SuiteApp developed by Next Technik. It is designed to complement NetSuite to meet all field service requirements. It is the only SuiteApp with ‘Native Integration’ which means that all NetSuite transaction types are supported, requiring no further integrations.

Next Service Solution Provider

Cadran is the first European Next Service Referral partner. A piece of recognition that our consultants have built in-depth knowledge of all FieldService related processes such as customer engagement, work order management, scheduling & dispatch, field mobility and analysis and reporting.


More about Next Service for NetSuite

Why choose Next Service?

Why choose Next Service?

Why do companies choose Next Service? Next Service is a Native Built for NetSuite SuiteApp. The app is designed to extend NetSuite to meet the needs of companies with field services. Next Service is built, on and for NetSuite. This application is “Built for NetSuite” (BFN) accredited and is classified as “Native” because it is built within NetSuite. Native Built for NetSuite SuiteApps are entirely on the platform and hosted in your own NetSuite environment. Code, data and application pages are deployed in your NetSuite environment without the need for integration.

Why is being ‘Native’ so important?

  • No integration required, no API, one data source where all data is stored.
  • One platform that supports the entire service process within your company.
  • Compatible with current and future versions of NetSuite.
  • Installation uses SuiteBundler, making the software bundling secure and reliable.
  • Support Native NetSuite functionality and extension to CRM and Projects modules.
  • Flexible and quick to deploy, similar to setting up a new module in NetSuite.

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Kalibra swaps five systems for one powerful solution: NetSuite


“Together with Cadran, we have built a great system that has enabled us to make great strides forward and will enable us to make great strides in the future.”

- Richard Damen, Manager at Kalibra

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