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Account & Inventory Reconciliation for JD Edwards

Accelerate your monthly and annual closing and have your logistic inventory match your accounting inventory.

Account & Inventory Reconciliation

Cadran Consultancy has developed Account & Inventory Reconciliation (AIR): a solution that supports you with the end of month reconciliation and inventory processes. AIR is available as a Oracle JD Edwards add-on. With Account & Inventory Reconciliation you match journal entries and inventory transactions automatically, which ensures that the balance of your suspense accounts and inventory accounts are always up-to-date. AIR allows you to easily correct variances with just one click. You can even combine multiple accounts into a single reconciliation process and monitor more complex processes like validating intercompany transactions.

With the included inventory reporting you will have an accurate view on your inventory per financial period. The build-in inventory integrity software supports an automated periodic integrity check, so you will know if your inventory is reliable, for both the quantities and the total value. For ad-hoc inventory reporting requirements, there is the option to calculate the inventory as of a date (even mid period), both for the on hand as the financial inventory.

Account & Inventory Reconciliation saves you time and money in your financial close process, preparing your financial statements and audit process. It will help you reduce errors in your General Ledger and optimize your processes.

Key Benefits­­

  • Save time: Efficient user-friendly reconciliation
  • Produce accurate info for your accountant and save on audit costs
  • Reduce errors in accounting
  • Identify incorrect transactions and correct your processes
  • Reliable inventory reporting and explanation of your balances
  • All within your JD Edwards software

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Download the brochure and discover the key-features and the benefits of the Account & Inventory Reconciliation add-on. We dive into:

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Inventory Integrity

More about Account & Inventory Reconciliation for JD Edwards

Account Reconciliation

One of your tasks during the month-end close procedure is an accurate specification of the suspense accounts. Compiling this specification often takes a great deal of time. AIR is the Oracle JD Edwards add-on that will help you optimize this process. The tool reduces the number of errors in your financial books and even allow you to reconcile automatically. For instance each night, weekend, month end or on demand.

All reconciled transactions are marked with a unique reference. This groups the reconciled transactions for track and trace and a reconciled date that can be used for ‘as-of’ reporting. With AIR you can always explain the account balance for each period, even past periods. For more complex situations, multiple accounts can be reconciled as one, advanced tolerance settings can be used and document types can be grouped.

  • Automatic and manual reconciliation
  • Automatically create tolerance entries
  • Automatically record exchange rate differences
  • Verification and registration of the reconciliation-date in order to produce an ‘As-Of’ balance specification
  • Easy account maintenance for accounts to reconcile
  • Easily add accounts to reconcile to the automatic (batch) process
  • Tolerance and exchange rate variance bookings are created interactively

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Inventory and General Ledger finally aligned at Superior Diesel


“Before we had AIR, we knew there was a discrepancy, but couldn’t explain why the difference was there, and we certainly couldn’t correct it. Now there are no more unknown discrepancies, and we can report with confidence.”

- Melissa Sisel, CFO bij Superior Diesel