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Account & Inventory Reconciliation

Accelerate your monthly and annual closing and have your logistic inventory match your accounting inventory.

About Account & Inventory Reconciliation

Cadran has developed the Reconciliation module especially for the ERP package Oracle JD Edwards. It allows you to match journal entries (and inventory transactions) automatically, while the information is recorded in Oracle JD Edwards, ensuring that the balance of the suspense accounts and inventory accounts is always kept up-to-date. With the included inventory reporting you’ll also have an accurate view on your inventory per financial period. This will save you time and money in your financial close process, preparing your financial statements and audit process. It will help you reduce errors in your G/L and optimize your processes. The module Account & Inventory Reconciliation is fully integrated in JD Edwards. With over 20 years of experience, Cadran Consultancy is highly qualified to support you.

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More about Account & Inventory Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation

Screenshot JD Edwards Grootboek-afletterenOne of your tasks of the month-end close procedure is a specification of the suspense accounts. This specification must be compiled accurately and takes often a great deal of time. The Reconciliation module is an Oracle JD Edwards add-on that will help you optimize this process. It will also enable you to reduce the number of errors in your financial books.

  • Automatic and manual reconciliation
  • Reconcile by transaction currency or company currency
  • Automatic creation of tolerance entries
  • Automatic recording of exchange rate differences
  • Individual reference code is assigned to each reconciliation
  • Verification and registration of the reconciliation-date in order to produce an ‘As-Of’ balance specification
  • Easy account maintenance for accounts to reconcile
  • Easily add accounts to reconcile to the automatic (batch) process
  • Classification of accounts by type and responsible
  • Define you own sorting/grouping for reconciliation
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Advice about our solutions?

Henny Berends, Financial Directeur / Principal Consultant Finance at Cadran, would be happy to talk about the possibilities for your organization.