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Account Reconciliation

Optimize the month-end (and year-end) close related to the specification of the suspense accounts, saving time and money.

About Reconciliation

One of the items of the month-end close is a specification of the suspense accounts. This specification must be compiled accurately and takes often a great deal of time.
The Reconciliation module is an Oracle JD Edwards add-on that will help you optimise this process, saving you time as well as money. It will also enable you to reduce the number of errors in your financial books.

  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Automatic creation of tolerance entries
  • Individual reference code is assigned
  • Verification and registration of the reconciliation-date
  • Reconciliation in foreign and domestic currency
  • Automatic recording of exchange rate differences
  • Classification by user
  • Multiple accounts selection
  • Registration in Oracle JD Edwards ERP


Cadran has developed the Reconciliation module specially for the ERP package Oracle JD Edwards. It allows you to match entries automatically, while the information is recorded in Oracle JD Edwards, ensuring that the balance of the suspense accounts is always kept up-to-date.
In recent years Cadran’s consultants have become highly knowledgeable and experienced with respect to JD Edwards. They are therefore adept at offering financial administration solutions and are equipped with the expertise to advise you on how to optimise your company’s financial processes.


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