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Easily connect your webshop, ERP and WMS to all you carriers


The NetSuite/Transsmart integration optimises picking, packing and shipping processes within NetSuite. Important features are:

  • Connections with more than 400 carriers allowing automatictrack and trace with information such as shipping status, collection date, delivery date and time and transport costs.
  • Enrichment of shipping information with details such as weight, collection date, delivery date, value of the shipment, instructions, contact person, etc.
  • Details from the sales order are automatically included, such as: item name, quantity, price, weight, country of origin, etc.
  • Local printing of shipping labels and other shipping documents is possible without the necessary configuration in NetSuite.

The integration provides a Transsmart plugin for NetSuite. Users therefore experience Transsmart as an integral part of NetSuite. This means that you do not have to switch to another application to organize everything that has to do with shipping.NetSuite SuiteApp


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With Transsmart you:

  • Connect carriers to your NetSuite ERP with a standard plugin.
  • Book your shipments with various carriers.
  • Get the right lables and documents from your printer automatically.
  • Control and optimize your shipment handling and transport costs from order entry until delivery.Transsmart brochure
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