Webinar: JDE Data Security, Optimisation & Compliance

Datum en tijdstip

30 maart 2021

16:30 - 17:15 uur



Webinar: JDE Data Security, Optimisation & Compliance

Ensuring JD Edwards data compliance

In the second of their webinar series on JD Edwards Governance, Risk & Compliance, (GRC) Redfaire International looks at effectively and efficiently managing your data. Proactively managing your JD Edwards data is essential to reduce risk and ensure compliance with directives such as GDPR. Proactive data management also helps you to:

  • Remain agile
  • operate cost-effectively 
  • Improve ERP performance

We will cover

  • Risks, how to identify and manage them
  • Implementing a Data Security Strategy
  • Data Management Tools  – From Audits to Optimisation

Featured Speaker: Barry Yelverton is Redfaire CTO and product architect of Redfaire’s Data Management Solution Datawaire. Barry has spent his whole career working on JD Edwards.

This webinar is in English.


dinsdag 30 maart

16:30 - 17:15 uur