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What’s new in Arantys Release 3.6? (In English)

Integrating Manufacturing Processes into Commodity Trading

Cadran Consultancy is excited to announce its newest release of Arantys. In this release Arantys is integrated with more core capabilities of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 by integrating it with manufacturing processes.

Many products on the global commodity market with different characteristics can either be blended or processed into products with different characteristics or even a different physical derived product altogether. The below example of Cocoa is a common one for many companies. In this case Cocoa beans are purchased on the global market, and shipped to a manufacturing plant in The Netherlands. Not all beans are manufactured, some are stored to be traded directly as Cocoa beans or traded even before they reach the Netherlands.

50MT goes to a manufacturing plant and is made into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The cocoa butter is then sold. All these products are a derived product from cocoa beans and there is a desire to have both the associated cost and valuation done on a daily basis against the then close price on the market. This would allow a commodity trader to make a trade or to make a decision, choosing between manufacturing the existing item or processing a new item that is traded with an end customer. 


An integrated position

In a normal ERP process or with a separate CTRM application, having an integrated view of the entire position is challenging. Arantys now integrates a view of all raw materials and final products in a position overview. Also cost implications to these products – related to the manufacturing process – are taken into account. This allows for a continuous real time overview of the position. 

Bill of Material

Being able to handle both SKU’s and being able to track them against a global market is often challenging. In case for example a specific recipe is required by a customer this can be defined already on the sales contract level. If not clear yet, this can also be generated at a later stage. This will trigger both bill of material and work orders from standard JD Edwards. 

Use of Characteristics

Arantys has been using characteristics to assign specific quality information about a commodity already. This logic is now applied and integrated with this new manufacturing release. Within Arantys characteristics can be added to the bill of material, so that you can keep the commodity as a stock keeping unit. 

Document handling

Arantys now allows for the automatic generation of manufacturing related documents, integrated into the same system. 

Quality Analysis and Track & Trace

Quality analysis can be added in the process seamlessly as with our previous Arantys processes. Allowing for all quality information to be visible across the value chain of all related lots. As the system maintains all relations of the lots, a Track & Trace of all related lots is easy and instantaneous. This allows for very quick action that can be taken in case of a fault in any manufacturing process. 

Tracking Manufacturing costs on Lots

In order to be able to track the costs of the new product, Arantys now includes the manufacturing process in its lot costing process. This allows for costs – including materials used and labour – to be tracked to the lot.  This will allow for detailed and integral insights across the value chain of a commodity trader. Standard costing would not allow for a changing costs in accordance with fluctuating market pricing. Arantys allows for integrating this practice into your position.

Data Model

With our solution comes the data model provided in Tableau and a standard dashboard, allowing you to create dashboards quickly and instantly.


For this functionality a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Manufacturing Management license is needed. 

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As product owner I am continuously working to improve Arantys by looking at market demand and listening to the needs of our customers. This has resulted in this release in which we have integrated the manufacturing process into Arantys. “

Marjan van Son – JD Edwards Consultant at Cadran Consultancy