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With each new transaction, your business is generating more data than ever before. Cadran Analytics turns your data into profitable assets by providing you with the power and flexibility to quickly gain valuable insights from vast amounts of data. We help you become a data-driven organization by making your data tangible. Analyse your data with fully flexible and interactive visualizations and gain the competitive edge by discovering patterns, trends and new opportunities that would have otherwise remained unnoticed.

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BI & Analytics for JD Edwards

tableau-oracle-jd-edwards-erpBI & Analytics for JD Edwards is a platform for Business Intelligence and Analytics fully integrated with your JD Edwards ERP. It offers interactive dashboards, ad-hoc queries, mobile analysis and reports, which helps you manage your organization. The built-in solutions for proactive notifications and workflow ensure that everyone within your organization has the right information at the right time. Data from both JD Edwards and external sources can be used.Discover BI & Analytics for JD Edwards