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Electronic Invoice Processing

Fully automate the process of inbound invoices (purchase orders and cost invoices).

About Electronic Invoice Processing

Invoice processing can be time-consuming and inefficient – a waste of time and money. ISPnext AP Automation, the electronic invoice processing product of partner ISPnext, enables you to process inbound invoices (i.e. purchase orders and cost invoices) completely automatically. This improves efficiency and shortens processing times significantly, generating potential savings of up to 70% in terms of FTEs. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with advice and to help you implement ISPnext AP Automation, ensuring that it is fully integrated with your Oracle JD Edwards ERP package.

  • Scanning and processing of invoices such as paper and pdf
  • E-invoicing
  • Automatic recognition
  • Automatic matching of invoice with purchase order
  • Advanced authorization matrix
  • Electronic approval process
  • Digital archive with complete audit trail
  • Advanced standardized interface with Oracle JD Edwards ERP
  • Voucher logging
  • Redistribution
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Ed Pieters

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More about Electronic Invoice Processing

Scanning and recognition

How does it work? Every day the accounts payable departments that work with AP Automation scan the inbound invoices. Several steps take place as part of this scanning process. First the image of the invoice can be optimized for recognition and is saved in Tiff-format. Then, the system will automatically recognise input fields such as supplier, invoice number, invoice amount, order number, etc. After the recognition, an employee validates the recognised data; he or she has a ‘drag and drop’ function available to them for this purpose. Finally, the system releases the invoices for coding or automatic matching.

Shimano – Electronic Invoicing in Oracle JD Edwards ERP


“We opted for ISPnext AP Automation because they had already built a proven and carefully considered solution for Oracle JD Edwards”

- Wim Hartog, Finanial Project Manager