JD Edwards Internet of Things

Internet of Things, where your machines, along with your people and processes, are connected with your JD Edwards ERP.

About Oracle JD Edwards Internet of Things

Using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications allow organizations to solve their most challenging business problems. These systems work by attaching sensors to collect information such as temperature, geopositioning, pressure, or vibration. Collecting information from machines enables organizations to integrate this information into their business processes to make more intelligent decisions, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams. Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things, where your machines, along with your people and processes, are all connected enabling solutions that were not possible before.

  • Intuitive tools
  • Prebuilt orchestrations
  • Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Collect sensor data reliably and securely
  • Extend enterprise applications with IoT data
  • Device Virtualization
  • High Speed Messaging
  • Standardize integration of devices
  • Perform real-time, big data, and predictive analytics
  • Allow enterprise and mobile applications to control devices
  • Increased productivity and process automation
  • Lowers cost and complexity
  • Real-time, continuous, accurate data
  • Reduced manual data entry errors and untimely data.
  • Clearer analytics
  • Better regulatory compliance.
  • Enhanced preventative maintenance of assets
  • Turns devices into JD Edwards ERP users
  • Increased opportunities to expand service offerings
  • Faster Time to market
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Ed Pieters

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Oracle JD Edwards IoT

Oracle JD Edwards has helped thousands of organizations simplify, standardize, and optimize their ERP business processes in the areas of finance, procurement, manufacturing, capital asset management, and supply chain. This automation results in better business decisions, cost savings, and increased revenue. Just as this automation has helped organizations improve their business results, the step of simplifying how M2M information is collected and acted upon in the context of an organization’s business process will enable organizations to further extend this value to their company assets, manufacturing operations, projects and services, and supply chain.

Demo JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator