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International Payment Management JD Edwards

International Payment Management

Effortless bank account maintenance and a streamlined approach for error reduction and enhanced efficiency.

International Payment Management

Your challenge

Managing payment and direct debit instructions across multiple banks with various file formats can be a challenging task. Financial institutions are moving more and more to XML formats based on ISO 20022 and transitioning from flat text files to XML can be challenging. SEPA payments and direct debits have rulebooks for ISO 20022, but other payments lack harmonization, leading to diverse implementations by banks, countries, and bank software. This diversity also affects SEPA payments and direct debits.

Our solution

The International Payment Management (IPM) module simplifies the process of dealing with XML formats for payments and direct debits. With an intuitive user interface, you can effortlessly modify the XML format, whether you’re adopting a new payment format, onboarding a new bank, or staying compliant with mandatory specification changes (e.g., implementing a new EPC rulebook) for your existing bank. This streamlines compliance with the bank’s file specifications, all without the need for complex programming, deployments, or intricate XML transformations. Best of all, it operates within your familiar JD Edwards environment.

Key Benefits­­

  • Effortless maintenance of file formats based on ISO 20022 standard
  • Create Payment initiation file and Direct Debit initiation files
  • Seamless integration into your existing payment processes
  • Improved bank account maintenance
  • Improved mandate maintenance, mandate proposals and interface
  • Streamlined direct debit notifications and collection control
  • Save and restore file formats across environments

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More about International Payment Management

File format maintenance

When you need a new format, it’s as simple as copying an existing one and tailoring it to meet the specific requirements of your bank. Map variables or fixed values to the correct fields in the XML structure to ensure the resulting XML file contains the desired data. Assign the format name to the formatting report, and you’re ready to generate the XML file.

International Payment Management JD Edwards File format maintenance

Optionally, save file formats to a central repository and restore them in any environment. This will allow you to easily move file format from your test environment to your production environment without the need to re-do the file configuration.