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NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

One cloud solution for B2Cand B2B e-commerce that seamlessly integrates with inventory management, fulfillment and finance.

NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution

In the rapidly changing world of wholesalers and distributors, customer demands are increasing every day. Like B2C customers, B2B customers today are always online and expect real-time access to product information and self-service options. With thousands of successful implementations at wholesalers, NetSuite is an ERP system designed for the business processes and challenges in your industry. At a time when technology is evolving rapidly, companies with outdated ERP systems risk falling behind. But you are striving for better performance and higher customer satisfaction in a highly competitive market. Wholesalers and distributors need a software solution that helps them achieve their business goals.

Key Challenges:

To succeed in the wholesale and distribution industry, you need the following capabilities:

  • Metrics based on reliable data
  • Effective inventory utilization
  • Expanding into multiple channels
  • Efficient order processes and inaccuracies
  • Order orchestration and inventory visibility issues
  • Automate manual processes as much as possible

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NetSuite’s Solutions:

Oracle NetSuite ERP provides your organisation with an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates CRM, B2B e-commerce, marketing automation and customer service with inventory management, order processing and finance. Cadran has a proven implementation methodology designed specifically for wholesale and distribution companies. NetSuite offers the following functionalities to optimise your wholesale and distribution operations:

  • CRM & Marketing automation
  • Ordermanagement
  • EDI
  • Container management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Scanning
  • Stock optimazation
  • Assortment Management & Product Properties
  • Collect, pack and ditribution
  • Returns
  • Customer support
  • Fully integrated e commerce
  • Integration with marketplaces like E-bay & Amazon
  • Financial management
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More about NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

One ERP-system in the cloud

NetSuite allows wholesalers and distributors to manage their business through a single unified platform in the cloud. This reduces IT costs and provides real-time insight into the organisation. NetSuite eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone applications and centralises data and processes for all departments. With NetSuite, you can access your organisation’s data anytime, anywhere.


Highlighted functionality: Advanced Inventory Management

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