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Responding to the new reality

Now that the 2nd wave of Covid19 has started to hit the economy and healthcare services, it is quite obvious that this has a big impact on many companies. It has an impact on the way we do business, how we manage our processes and how we collaborate and communicate both internally as with customers and suppliers. Why does Covid19 has such an impact?

Challenges when working from home

Because nowadays more people are working from home we experience the “distance” between ourselves and colleagues, customer and suppliers. You can’t just go to the desk of a colleague to check a proposal. How to get a contract signed quickly with a customer and boss working from home? How can you speed up the decision, which customer gets priority when shipping goods? Of course, you can have video meetings all day to get things done, but this might not be enough to support your business in the new reality of working. What can you do?

How to improve collaboration, processes and communication?

Automation and integration of processes, improving the user-friendliness and usability of the ERP application and unlocking data from your applications are just some areas where you can improve collaboration, processes and communication.

Some examples

  • The (further) implementation of workflow – in either JD Edwards or Netsuite – will support the collaboration between users of the system and will speed up the processes like order and invoice approval. By integrating such workflow processes with mobile applications like Slack will even further improve these processes.
  • You can easily integrate applications like DocuSign to JD Edwards and Netsuite to allow easy signature of contracts (or any other document) with your customers and suppliers
  • Implementation of “Watch lists” and “Alerts” which notify your team when action is required is a quick win. A Watch list can show all invoices which are overdue and need to be chased, which orders are late for shipment and which customer has to be informed, which goods need extra inspection, because quality is below a certain level.
  • You can integrate analytics dashboards in your JD Edwards and Netsuite application which can provide real time data to the users. You can combine the data from your ERP and any other application or data source to create useful insides for your users in order to make decisions.

Small steps that add a lot of value

These kinds of improvements don’t take a lot of time and effort to implement in your organization. They can be done in small steps and can add a lot of value to the users and your business.

More information or sparring?

We are happy to discuss the possibilities and to advise you on how to implement them. Just give us a call

ed pieters

Author: Ed Pieters
CEO at Cadran Consultancy