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Netsuite support for AAEON: “More than standard support”

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AAEON Technology, founded in 1992, manufactures and sells a wide range of industrial PCs around the world. The multinational has been operating in Europe since 2004, and over the past five years the organization has grown rapidly. This also puts the necessary pressure on the NetSuite ERP system used by AAEON. Because Cadran is always ready with advice, thinks along with AAEON about new possibilities and provides support, AAEON is able to use NetSuite optimally and thus support its growth.

Cadran NetSuite Support

AAEON provides integrated Industry 4.0 solutions, advanced AI hardware and IoT solution platforms that seamlessly consolidate virtual and physical networks. The company engaged Cadran as a partner for NetSuite Support in 2023. Diane Lin has been with AAEON since 2011 and has been Operations Manager at the company since 2023. In her role, she has the most contact with Cadran’s support department. “And I like that,” says Diane. “I have a regular point of contact and she knows everything about my company. She responds very quickly and gives professional feedback. I’m very happy with that.”

Smart solutions

Because Cadran has over 25 years of experience with ERP systems and knows the manufacturing market inside out, its specialized support staff know everything there is to know about warehousing, wholesale and distribution.

Diane and her colleagues knock on Cadran’s door for a wide range of issues. “For example, to brainstorm or to see what we can do even better with the system. For example, how can we process orders more easily with NetSuite? And how can we find smart solutions that stay close to the standard so that we end up spending less time on maintenance and management?”, says Diane.

Better control

Thanks to NetSuite Support, AAEON now has better control over its processes. This includes generating reports to better monitor current processes. With such checks, AAEON can now easily identify discrepancies between purchase and sales orders, preventing errors. In addition, Cadran provides overviews of items and their locations, which is essential to ensure that they are stored correctly. Moreover, these reports also play a crucial role in audits, allowing AAEON to report with confidence.

In tune with each other

Diane: “We also like to spar with Cadran about existing and new options, for example to make our data more transparent so that we can make easier decisions about purchasing and inventory, for example. Because they know exactly what we need, they can think along and give good advice.” Every Tuesday, Diane has an appointment with Cadran to go over everything and if she has questions in between, she creates a ticket or sends an email if it’s urgent. Diane: “We are totally in tune with each other. Sometimes urgent issues arise in our daily process where we need quick support. For example, a quick response was needed when we had inventory issues. We needed a quick solution to continue the process. Cadran provided excellent support and has shown quick response in such cases.”

No hickups in the process

Diane also knows how to find NetSuite Support for smaller error messages. “Cadran replays the situation in a test environment and then comes back to us with feedback. For example, the other day we kept having an error message. It turned out that we had made a field mandatory ourselves even though we never fill it in. Cadran had tracked this down and solved it for us in no time. Their experience in this area allows them to solve problems quickly, so we can get back on track and there are no hickups in the process.”

Ready for growth

By 2025, AAEON has a revenue target of 100 million euros in the Netherlands. To achieve that, it is important for AAEON to become increasingly data-driven and use NetSuite optimally. “For example, we are going to start with new products and with that open up new markets. This naturally requires other production lines. And because this all has to be supported by our ERP system, we started preparing for this as early as 2023, together with Cadran.”

Building on Cadran

Soon Cadran will provide training to AAEON users so that they can generate their own reports. This will require a small time investment, but it will allow users to do more themselves. Meanwhile, Diane is very happy with the daily support, “It just works incredibly well. I am very satisfied with the personal contact, the fast service and the quality. Cadran is immediately available in emergencies and everyone who works with NetSuite at our company is very satisfied with the various optimizations that have been implemented. This makes work more fun and easier. We don’t have a support department within AAEON, so it’s incredibly nice that we can rely on Cadran.”

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