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Economic downturn? Stay competitive with the right (master) data!

Not squeaky and creaky, but with enormous power, the economy has come to a stop in the past weeks. Planned orders were canceled, supplies ran out, production lines and even entire factories were shut down. Because the demand had vanished!

Contamination of the data

All of these sudden changes in supply and demand levels have a huge impact on the global supply chain. And therefore also on the purchasing, stock and sales position of your company. Canceled purchases, reversing already sold and allocated stock and warehousing semi-finished products for a longer than foreseen time, lead to contamination of the data in the systems at many companies, often due to incorrect master data in JD Edwards.

Which product is now the oldest in stock? Can a partial delivery still be extracted out of a certain lot? Which raw materials or ingredients are used in the semi-finished product and what is the expiration date?

DQD is the answer to complete and accurate master data file

The answers to all these questions can be given with a complete and accurate master data file. The temporary slowdown in business might be your perfect time to analyze, correct and improve the master data!

Data Quality Director (DQD) of Cadran Consultancy is a very efficient and user-friendly tool to analyze the master data and even correct it automatically. In addition to this, DQD can also detect errors due to incorrect entries of e.g. sales records or any other transaction. The determination of the business rules is a one-time action after which DQD finds the anomalies and corrects them (automatically if desired) in a controlled and traceable manner.

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